November 18, 2017


The highest ongoing cost to driving will always be how much it costs you to fill up at the pump. Fuel prices aren’t getting any cheaper, and will continue to rise over time.  It pays to keep a close eye on how much fuel your car or truck is using.

We possess state of the art testing equipment to help diagnose whether your engine is running at maximum efficiency.


Drive in for a test

The tests we run will also tell us if you are using the wrong fuel or too much fuel for your vehicle.  This may be causing blockages in the exhaust system and a loss of performance.

Exhaust leaks can also be dangerous to your passengers, as carbon monoxide from the engine is poisonous.  This causes loss of consciousness and critical health risks.

Testing your vehicle also shows your concern for our environment and minimising your carbon footprint.

Finding and repairing a serious maintenance fault, for example an oxygen sensor malfunction, can improve fuel consumption by as much as 40 percent!

How you can save even more.

A change in driving habits can have a dramatic effect on fuel economy

  • Watch your speed:  By the time you reach 80 km, half of your fuel is being used just to overcome wind resistance:
  • Don’t drive aggressively:  Rapid acceleration and deceleration drastically increasing fuel consumption. Aim to drive at a steady speed and allow enough following distance to eliminate the need to jam on the brakes
  • Properly inflate your tyres:  Under-inflation places a greater strain on the engine, in addition to reducing vehicle safety.
  • Tune your engine regularly:  A well-maintained engine is at least 4% more efficient than one that has been neglected.
  • Drive with your windows up:  At higher speeds, the increased turbulence generated by diving with your windows down will cause you to use more fuel.

We have the latest technology to test your vehicle – and to flush your fuel system and replace the fuel filter.

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