October 1, 2015

As your only contact with the ground, your tyres are probably the most important safety feature of your car. This is where rubber meets the road, and at any one time, the each tyre touches that road on an area roughly the size of a postcard. That really isn’t much, and this is why you need to make sure your tyres are up to standard. It’s not only your safety that’s at stake, but that of your family, pedestrians and other road users.

The 4 main functions of tyres.
· Supporting your car
The average salon car weighs close to 2000 kgs, and all that weight needs to be supported. Each tyre needs to be inflated enough to support the weight of the vehicle, passengers and cargo.
· Absorbing the bumps
It’s not just your shock absorbers that stop you having a bumpy ride. The air/nitrogen in your tyres take most of the impact and act as a cushion for your vehicle.
· Braking
Obviously the most important aspect of driving when it comes to safety. Bald tyres aren’t going to help you in an emergency braking situation. Or the person you’re about to crash into.
· Steering
Tyres are very important when it comes to steering. The tyre type, size and quality are all important when it comes to the vehicle’s steering capability.

Checklist for tyres
· Tread
The deeper the tread depth the better, and new tyres should have a depth of around 5-7 millimetres. In New Zealand, the minimum tread depth required by law is 1.5mm, however, in wet conditions, anything under 3mm isn’t really recommended.
· Under/Over inflation
Under inflated tyres will reduce steering capacity, increase your stopping distance, use more fuel per tank, and overall reduce your car’s performance. Over inflated tyres run the risk of a blow out, and that’s the last thing you want travelling at 100khp. Even if they don’t explode because of the increased pressure, the contact with the road will be smaller, resulting in even more problems.

Your tyres are essential for a safe and comfortable ride, so make sure you look after them! Call us today and book in for a tyre check-up.